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Experienced Traffic Offence Lawyers Cairns

At Hartley Whitla Lawyers, we are a team of dedicated and highly experienced traffic offence lawyers in Cairns. We are committed to helping people in all aspects of traffic law. We have extensive experience in dealing with licence suspension cases. Traffic offences are taken very seriously, our lawyers have the experience and expertise to guide you through the process, making it a less daunting time. Our friendly traffic lawyer can thoroughly guide you through the process and conversed with concerned authorities on your behalf. With us, you can rest assured that we’ll help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

Let Us Assist With Your Traffic Offence

Consistent traffic law violations can lead to convictions, penalties, and even licence disqualifications. Our lawyers are reputable and highly experienced traffic offence lawyers in Cairns working with a specialised approach to help you achieve the best outcome. Mandatory licence disqualification periods can apply to many offences; therefore, we recommend seeking legal advice. This is particularly important if the disqualification of your licence impacts your employment commitments.

Strengthen Your Case With Quality Legal Advice

Our lawyers can help you steer your case towards the best possible outcome and guide you as to how you should progress with the matter. Our legal advisor will help you attain the best result for your case as traffic law is one of the most technical areas of law in Queensland.

Types of Traffic Violations That Our Lawyers Can Help You With

Following are a number of the traffic violations that would require you to immediately get in touch with an experienced traffic offence lawyer in Cairns:

1. Excessive Speeding:

Speeding excessively is a traffic offence under section 328A of the Criminal Code (Qld). According to this section, it is a serious offence to operate a vehicle hazardously. The maximum penalty upon this violation is 400 penalty units or 5 years imprisonment.

2. Unlicensed Driving:

It is a traffic violation under Section 78 of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 to drive a vehicle on a road without having an applicable driving license. The maximum penalty is 40 penalty units or 1-year imprisonment.

3. Dangerous Driving:

Operating your vehicle dangerously, while risking the life of the passengers and others on the road, is a serious traffic violation. This is an offence under section 328A of the Criminal Code (Qld). The maximum penalty is 200 penalty units or 3 years imprisonment.

Getting involved in a traffic law offence can lead to serious consequences if your case is not dealt with by an experienced traffic offence lawyer in Cairns. Contact the team at Whitla Lawyers today on (07) 4281 6880.

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