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At Hartley Whitla Lawyers, we take pride in being reliable Cairns criminal lawyers. We have understanding, dedication, and legal expertise – allowing you to achieve the best possible outcome. We thoroughly investigate every case before offering specific legal advice on the available options to proceed with your case. We believe in cultivating a legal strategy that will provide you with the best possible chance of success with our experienced lawyers. 

Cairns Criminal Lawyers – Years Of Industry Experience

At Hartley Whitla Lawyers, we thoroughly understand the delicacy of your situation. Our Cairns criminal lawyers offer professional consultation and representation. By having the representation of our lawyers, you’re one step closer to ensuring the best possible outcome. Our Cairns criminal lawyers invest their time into your case and have the legal skills to obtain results.

 We Offer Tailored Solutions for Your Criminal Offence Cases

With representation from our Cairns criminal lawyers, you can expect the best possible outcome for your case. Securing our representation sooner rather than later will ensure you have done everything you can to obtain the best possible result. 

Our Cairns Criminal Lawyers Are Highly Experienced

At Hartley Whitla Lawyers, we understand that there is more than one side to every story, so let us tell yours. We are dedicated to offering tailored consultation and representation to criminal offence cases. Our Cairns criminal lawyers use their legal expertise to represent you, ensuring we put your best case forward. Our services for criminal cases include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • Sexual offences
  • Offences of violence and serious crime (murder and manslaughter)
  • Drug offences
  • Property offences 
  • Traffic Offences

Hartley Whitla Lawyers – Offering You High-Quality Legal Representation

At Hartley Whitla Lawyers, we value being recognised for our non-judgemental behaviour and unbiased approach when dealing with criminal offence clients. Our reputable Cairns criminal lawyers have the legal skills that entitle you to professionalism and courtesy throughout your case. 

Our Cairns criminal lawyers are experienced solicitors with extensive industry experience. We know what it takes to help you throughout your case. Get in touch with us by dialling 07 4281 6880 or for urgent assistance, call Richard Whitla on 0432 493 086. 

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